With over 60 years of family business experience 
deGraaf Financial Strategies 
has the knowledge & real life experience 
to guide you through your financial seasons of life

How much should you be saving for retirement?

What are the safest investments to make in today’s economy?

How can you protect and efficiently transition your estate to your heirs?

Who will benefit from your mortgage insurance - your family or lender?

How do you solve the capital gains issue on the cottage?

What affect does a divorce have on your financial future?

How do we turn your Retirement Savings into tax efficient Retirement Income?

Should you commute your pension or leave it with your employer?

Suddenly you're a Widow - now what?

Brokers are Best!

As a broker to the investment and insurance industry, deGraaf Financial Strategies has access 
to a broad range of quality products from large and reputable Canadian companies.  
We search the industry for the best solution for your particular needs.

      Representing . . .
. . . and many more!
The banks and captive advisors only have 
their own line of products to offer as 'solutions' to your financial needs.  
They must be able to fit you into their box 
and often make similar recommendations, whether you are 18, 48 or 80.

For someone as individual as you are, 
don't you deserve a personalized financial plan, 
with strategies tailored to your specific needs?
As a broker, deGraaf Financial Strategies shops the financial market for you, 
recommending only the solutions that meet or exceed your needs - no boxes!

Our mission is to educate financial consumers of their choices for RRSP's RRIF's LIRA's & TFSA's, 
because only with all of the information 
can you make the right choice for you and your family.

If you're tired of being treated like a number . . . or your Advisor keeps changing companies or branches . . . or you feel like your financial future deserves more than a cookie cutter approach, 
 give deGraaf Financial Strategies a call - we'd be happy to earn your business!
Léony deGraaf Hastings has grown up in the financial industry, with her father being a distinguished advisor for 45 years. Learning the business 'through osmosis' over the years, Léony began her own financial career in the family firm over 15 years ago and has since built her own successful practice in Burlington where she resides with her husband and children.  

Appreciating the time she spent with her grandparents as a child, and losing her Mom to breast cancer in 2000, Léony found herself gravitating towards helping seniors and assisting seniors and their families with complete retirement and estate planning.  Recognizing this passion, Léony took specialized courses to earn her Elder Planning Counselor designation and is qualified as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) - the international gold standard in the financial services industry.

As an EPC & CFP, Léony’s approach is to educate and assist retirees in simplifying their season of life, by providing clients with the  information, choices and tools needed to make wise financial decisions.  When necessary, Léony utilizes a team of experts, from lawyers and accountants to senior financial advisors and fund managers, to assist in case consultation. Léony's role is that of a quarterback for your finances, bringing in the solutions you need to secure your retirement, from the best people and companies who provide them.  No two people are alike and therefore no two financial, retirement or estate plans are alike.

Giving back to our community is important to Léony, who volunteers her time as the past Chairperson and current member of the Burlington S.A.L.T. Council (Seniors & Law-enforcement Together) educating seniors on crime-prevention alongside the Halton Regional Police.  She is the past President of the Burlington Newcomers Club and Léony is also an Executive member of Joseph Brant Hospital’s Charitable Gift Planning Advisory Council. A regular contributor to the financial columns of Silver & Gold Magazine, Autumn View - the OPSEU Retirees Quarterly and interviewed as an industry expert by MacLean's Magazine, Reuter's, Advocis & CARP to name a few.

Since 2009 Léony has been voted 
one of Burlington’s
‘Favorite Financial Advisers’  
 ‘Best Insurance Brokers’ 
in the 
Burlington Post Reader’s Choice Awards!

and . . .​
#2 on Canada's 
Top 50 Advisors List 2015
Léony deGraaf Hastings
Elder Planning Counselor
Certified Financial Planner
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Léony deGraaf Hastings, CFP®, EPC 
Retirement & Estate Planning

A Senior's Advisor Who Cares!
Get the answers to these 
and ALL your financial questions from 
an Advisor who puts YOU first!
  We can help you with . . .

Complete Financial Planning
Tax efficient Retirement Income Planning
Pension or Severance package decisions  
TFSA        GIC's
 Retirement Income for Life 
Savings Plans to Estate Plans
Life Insurance & Mortgage Insurance
Critical Illness & Long-term Care Insurance
Segregated Funds
Executor Assistance . . . . and more!
Important Probate Update!

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Who is Léony and how can she help YOU?
Posted with permission from the Financial Advisors Association of Canada (Advocis )
“My mother is so happy she has you as her Financial Advisor...it gives her (and us!) 
such peace of mind knowing you are taking care of things for her”

" . . .we are certainly on the right track - so thanks for your superb guidance and knowledge    . . . I'm so glad I found you!"

The Financial Planning Standards Council Code of Conduct is the CFP professional’s pledge to her clients.  The Code should assure you that you are working with a professional who is committed to ethically, competently and diligently helping you 
achieve your life goals. 

Recognized by 
Wealth Professional Magazine 
as one of 
Canada's Top 50 Advisors 
Leony ranked #2 on the list!
Serving clients in Burlington, ON and the Surrounding Areas
including Oakville, Ancaster, Waterdown, Hamilton, Flamborough, Dundas, 
Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Bronte
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   Over 60 years of family financial planning knowledge & experience
      serving clients in Burlington, ON and the surrounding areas . . . 
including Oakville, Ancaster, Waterdown, Carlisle, Flamborough, Dundas, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Bronte, Milton, Brantford
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